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Helijet Night Vision Goggles Training at the Gabriola Community Health Center

Helijet, the operator of the air ambulance helicopters that service the Gabriola Community Health Centre (“GCHC”) helipad, in conjunction with BC Emergency Health Services, is implementing a program to introduce night vision goggles to air ambulance operations for the West Coast. The use of this equipment will enhance safety and service delivery and will enable the helicopters to fly in conditions where they otherwise could not. The pilots that will use this technology will first undergo a training program that is approved by Transport Canada which will then allow the crews to fly operationally with the goggles.

The GCHC helipad is uniquely located where lighting examples and surroundings for this training will be extremely effective. Helijet has therefore requested permission to use the GCHC helipad for this training. GHCF has agreed that the proposed expansion of the helicopter operational capabilities will be of benefit to Gabriolans and has granted permission for Helijet to use the helipad for training flights for a period of about two months commencing March 1. Flights will be after dark but no later than 10 pm. There will generally be one, possibly two flights per week. On each occasion the helicopter will operate in the area for up to 30 minutes.

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